Tuesday, 26 April 2022

#napowrimo2022#day26 #circe



They called themselves men.
Walking on two legs,
Thought themselves civilised,
refined, even.

I am a mistress or magic.
I see things as they are,
not as they are projected.
I saw them sordid, corrupt.
When the abused,
my opulent hospitality.
Desirous of plundering
ALL my treasures.
Lower than beasts of
the field, so if the snout
fits…and it was easy
with a touch to transform them.

Falling to all fours,
screaming, well like stuck pigs,
though for now they’re whole,
to savour their own lechery.

Who knows, if the fancy
takes me, for slow braised
pig’s cheeks or stuffed trotters,
(they don’t know I’m vegan).
What do their little piggy
eyes express? Terror?  
Remorse? Do they fear
I share their mortal gluttony?

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