Monday, 18 April 2022

#napowrimo2022 #day18 #sovereynetee


1. To smash that glass ceiling into a million, billion iddy, biddy pieces, oh, and equal pay for equal work would be great.
2. Political representation, we make up 51% of the population, visibility in corridors of power matters, and strong female leaders are needed to inspire a new generation of young women and girls.
3. Keep out of our reproductive organs and choices, a uterus doesn’t need policing, thanks. We are totally aware of their strange and mystical powers!
4. To be safe, to have rape and sexual assault taken seriously, and not to be twice victimised by the current legal system.
5. End casual everyday misogyny, no “lady” tortilla chips that are quiet, no locker room talk, no absolutely no “grabbing us by the pussy”. Catcalling, harassment, being passed over, of coffee runs, being barefoot, pregnant and in the kitchen fixing you a sammich, expectations of shouldering all the emotional labour…it chip, chip, chips away at our equality, and quite frankly we're exhausted, let's embrace loudness, intersectionality, taking up space.

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