Friday, 1 April 2022


The Body. The Brain.

It's all in your head, they said. I ruminated whilst drinking coffee, reading poems and half listening to a conspiracy theorist elucidate on the Will slap (apparently Hollywood is all paedos and vaccine pushers and its all a distraction from Bidden's laptop).

They reckon its all in MY head. Let's break that down. Of course it's in my head. It's a fucking neurological disorder.

NEUROLOGICAL as in of and relating to the brain.  

I don't know about you but I keep my brain in my head. Mumma nature gave me a handy, dandy skull case to carry it in. 

Despite all my attempts to bash it in over the years, throwing my body down stairs, or head butting fire extinguishers. It's held up pretty well.

Oh that's not what you mean? You think it's pschomalogikal? What all Freudian, saying one thing and meaning your mother! Ah the arm chair psychiatrists, who got their degrees from Google, but haven't quite realised that bodies of knowledge get up dated and terms like conversion disorder, psychogenic, psychomatic are harmful, stigmatising. People stop reading at psycho.  

You're making it up, faking it up. Crack open a text book, amateur and medical professional alike. Open your minds , learn. 

Each day we gain more knowledge about how the body and brain are connected.  

The FND brain and body are wired a little bit wonky. Hardware working but software is glitching. Each day science progresses a little bit more, while there's no quick fix, magic bullet or cure, I can tell you what helps. Believe us, trust its all real, each day; pain, fatigue, seizures, fog.  

I implore let's keep our brains in our heads. Educate yourself rather than risk talking out your arse.

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