Wednesday, 13 April 2022

#napowrimo2022 #day14 #itwouldhavetobeamusical

"It would have to be a musical"

My life couldn’t be a movie.
It would have to be a musical. 
In a proper old-fashioned theatre,
uptown, steep-stairs, velvet, gilt, opulence.

A small orchestra, to play the myriad
of rousing show tunes, you can
hear them tuning up.
You predict that you’ll be tapping your feet. 

Prior to finding your seat
You have been fleeced of you cash,
For an overpriced beverage,
a packet of Revels and a souvenir brochure. 

Before the safety curtain lifts,
you would be reminded that
photography, video and
audio recordings are prohibited.

You anticipate carefully choreographed
above the waist dancing. 
High drama, costume changes, minor peril.
Your heroine triumphs against the odds

You know you will leave lighter,
full of joy, a brief emotional outlet.
Escape from a world of war,
pestilence, poverty, and corruption. 

Musical theatre is cheaper than therapy.
Effects will last if you remember,
to sing into your hairbrush,
belting out the catchier numbers.

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