Friday, 15 April 2022

#NaPoWriMo2022 #Day15 #WhyGirlsDontLikeFootball

So disinterested in my topic, I couldn’t even craft my own words, so instead I have harvested a found poem from a Guardian article comments section on why girls don’t like football. Any original contributions are in square parentheses. I’ve included a link to the guardian article.
“Why don’t girls like football”

I couldn’t give a monkeys about football.
[a gallant male jumps into mansplain –
on queries about why women shun the beautiful game].

It's sad to get excited about 21 men
kicking an inflated pig's gut
around a couple of times a week.

Did nobody explain the offside rule when I was 3?

Footie is dominated by the Geezers.
I'd say it’s all dahn to conditioning.
Funny ole game, life, innit?

I would rather watch paint dry
than see (or play) [or write a poem about] a football match.,5753,-22147,00.html

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