Saturday, 16 April 2022

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Late offering, yesterday's migraine knocked me out a little, but I think the poem is even better now after a little inspiration from Toni Bowe's Easter celebration pics. Some of the lore around Easter confuses me a bit, so here it is in a poem form. Had tried to work the ryhme scheme out reading the "Pied Beauty" example and got muddled should have just Googled it's abcabcdbcdc.

"Easter Rituals"

Easter rituals have always confused me a little.
Why is it a moveable feast, rather than a fixed date?
Jesus was the lamb of God, knew doubt and fear,
Faith a precious thing, though freshly tempered, is brittle
Spring lamb, burned flesh offerings, a shared killing fate.
Spiced buns break Lenten feast, heal the sick all year.

Sunday, a bunny brings a basket full of sweet treats.
The children are excited, hunting games are great.
Eggs painted, rolled and small faces with chocolate smears.
Simnel cake sans, marzipan Judas, for afters to eat.
Mix up of traditions here.

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