Friday, 22 April 2022

#napowrimo2022 #day22 #guiltismoreweight

Guilt is “more weight”

Guilt at surviving, particularly if you ever tried and failed.

Guilt why them not me?

Guilt obstructs healing.

Guilt a covert enemy blasts again, again, and again.

Guilt you didn’t know.

Guilt you didn’t see.

Guilt you couldn’t control the choices others made.

Guilt a solitary prison, ponder how many are incarcerated?

Guilt a pale shade haunting.

Guilt anger inverted?

Guilt at feeling guilty, you know it doesn’t bring them back.

Guilt an endless litany.

Guilt, witch pressing, each rock slowly collapsing lungs.

Guilt when gasp, shaking off crushing weight and think about moving forward.

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