Monday, 5 April 2021

#scarification #NaPoWriMo2021#Day5



Other seeds do not require it they

will not need nicks on their outer shell.

Important to get the process right.

It signals the seed embryo to germinate,

water absorption jump starts progression, and

coats are scarified carefully to encourage growth.

Increases the changes of

tender shoots sprouting.

Take file, of knife or nail clippers,

Touch firm deep enough to penetrate,

oh, but not too deep to damage,

be careful with slicing,

each incision needs precision.

Accuracy is what you are after,

Plant straight away.

Well today’s prompt went weird and I’m going to say a little bit scary.   I used one of the selected poems, Pennsylvania and then had open an article on scarification of seeds which I harvested for words to begin each sentence


  1. Bloody hell! Very well done. I kept seeing someone piercing their hide, even with that innocent picture.

    The spring vibe you put in at the same time makes this poem rather special.


  2. Thanks lovely, seeds seem to be germinating in my brain at the moment.