Saturday, 24 April 2021

#rehabilitateandrelease #napawrimo2021 #day24

Rehabilitate and release Jennys

Often called Jenny

“bear” - look fuzzy, hair-like coarse

sheep’s wool.  With two 

fused toes which they use as combs,

in eucalyptus forests.

When not sleeping, they’re

usually eating, that’s why 

Jenny’s sleep so much.

Tucked into tree nooks, may sleep

twenty two hours a day

Jennys need a lot

of space, perhaps a hundred

trees.  They are sadly 

vulnerable, their habitat

shrinks, forced to stop napping come

down from trees, at risk of predation.

Predators include 

dingoes and large owls. Also

at risk of getting

hit by cars and attacked by

dogs.  Chlamydia widespread.

Rescue volunteers

have stepped up to to care for Jennys

with the laudible

goal rehabilitating,

releasing back in the wild.

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