Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Napowrimo 2018 / Day 3 - Rock Star

Napowrimo 2018 / Day 3
Prompt - Writing a list poem in which all the items are made-up names.

Rock Star*

I wanna start a rock band
I think it would wicked
I've list of names I like
For your approval I submit...
I like pagans, crystals, guinea pigs,
dairy milk wrapper purple and spring.
With all this inspiration
I'll be Folkestone's next big thing.

The names are ...

Amethyst's Midnight Pagans
The Loud Pagans's Club
Queen Dairy Milk Purple
Between the Rubies and Me
Mistress of the Rock Guinea Pigs
Rock Dream and a Pinch of Diamond
Rage Against the Crystals
Flight of the Dairy Milk Purple Guinea Pigs
Undercover Diamond and the Rock Rubies
The Loud Service
The Rock Heroes of Folkestone
Taking Back Spring
Rock Diamond Cult

*Even if you think you can't do poetry this is an amazingly fun prompt.  I used a band name generator and peppered it with my favourite things and then picked my favourites.

https://www.name-generator.org.uk/band-name/Guinea Pig, Smooth Hair, Silver

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