Saturday, 28 April 2018

Napowrimo 2018 / Day 28 - It had been a really good day

Napowrimo 2018 / Day 28 - It had been a really good day

Prompt - Write a prose poem.

"It had been a really lovely day"*

Hitting the road at 8.30 am.  Latte in hand and a M&S salad for lunch as the interesting falafel wrap disapointingly had cheese in it.  I was choc full of excitement.  It portended to be a really lovely day.

Bustling with tables and cloths.  Dashing between tarot readers and jewellery sellers. Everyone hawking their services and wares.  We sat and looked at pictures and conjured words. We sat and showcased our chakras and our journeys.  We sat and reconnected with old friends and made some new.  I knew it was a really lovely day as by the end my words were coming out muddled and muddy. You kept saying you knew what I meant and you'd have made you stall fee 10 times over if you had a pound for every time you were asked where Postling was.  At various point my hands shook with glee it had been a really lovely day.

Home, rush to the The Range.  Looking for the disposable BBQ's of the Gods'.  Just as our ancestors used.  This would be our Bel Fires.  Hand to hand the circle was cast.  Lots for the May Queen.  Who chose her dashing cohort.

                      "May, May Queen of the May"

Gaggle of bemused and gawking teens watched on.  I've never seen a May Queen so excited to be crowned.  So regal bathed in moonlight.  I've never seen the (symbolic) Sacred Marriage so quickly consumated.  I think May, though chaste was very happy to be caught by her Forest Lord. 

Although it was very long it had been a really lovely day.

*As you can guess.  It has been a really lovely (and long day).  This rambling stream of conciousness poem was brought to you by a lil poet dead on her feet.  Beltane blessing to one and all X.

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