Tuesday, 28 April 2015


B is for Bob
I am Bob
So named because 
B is for Bob
B is *hopefully* for benign 
C is for complex ovarian cyst 
D is for Dr GOOGLE 
Who is not your friend 
As a complex ovarian cyst 
I consists of both fluid and solid
Am I?
Dermoid; a piece of tooth 
Flap of skin 
Endometrial; sludgy, old blood. 
Growing outside the womb.
Cystadenoma: watery mucous.
Rupture and twist.
Hemorrhagic; blood vessels breach.
Ultrasound, CT scan,
35 mm by 35 mm
As I grow 
So does your panic
Then poof...

I dissappear 
All that perfectly good worry 

B is for Bob 
B is for bastard

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