Tuesday, 28 April 2015

NAPOWRIMO 14 A dialogue

A dialogue will
not illustrate difference.
We are two pitch black
angels.  Shining light in the
inky spaces, when wobbling.
'Can you take a call
tomorrow a woman will ring
about a reference;
just for a voluntary job
running a karaoke'.
It's for disabled
adults, I give a glowing reference.
Then ring you at lunch
'You are a div, which I know
Is not pc but we are... '
'Both fully fledged
card carrying crips who can
reclaim language used
to disparage people with
disabilities...div why?'
'You forgot to say
that you volunteered with me
for four years doing
music workshops with teens
when you were my volunteer'
'I did mention it'
We talk about random
little things, growing
chives and the joys of being
able to spiralise veg.
My heart aches that no
more, when my heart is inky
will we sit at the
wobbling table, ladies who
stare at green tea contrails
Finding solace in
it and each other no need
to fill the silence
just shine dim light and see
a metaphor in that table

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