Saturday, 4 October 2014

Reclaiming the 'C' word

Reclaiming the ‘C’ word
So clinical, so sterile
Etymologically speaking
Just part of an organ
A sheath for a pork sword
But …
C… C... C…
Grose defined in 1785
"a nasty name for a nasty thing"
It’s Proto-Indo-European roots
Of goddess lineage; Cunda, Cunnit, Kunti, Kunta,
Of Cow
Of Queen
Of Latin Cuneus \wedge/
To Ken to know
Of Kin, our family
Of feCUNdity
CUNT more than a four letter word
It’s a word with a history.
Which I know and I doubt you do,
So it loses its power when used derogatorily.
To my ears you have just called me a Goddess,
I already knew that.

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  1. One of the most fantastic poems I've read! Praise be! Someone else gets it! I love, love, LOVE this!